Posted by: jt | August 8, 2008

43. Jesse

I learned a lot about difference, othering and patience from you. I always wondered if your mom drank during pregnancy and that’s what happened. I bet it was.

Posted by: jt | August 7, 2008

42. Marie

You were very nice, very pregnant and very tired. I felt guilty for wanting your husband but took solace in knowing that you really were good to him.

Posted by: jt | August 7, 2008

41. Mr. McC

Supremely confident that I’d be an English teacher, you may yet be right.

I still catch myself conveying ennui by flipping my hair. And I laugh at myself.

Posted by: jt | August 5, 2008

40. Walter Mondale

My favorite image of you is sitting under a tent on Labor Day at Harriet Island. I love Minnesota’s political legacy, in no small part, because of you.

Posted by: jt | August 4, 2008

39. Rachel

Your inherent goodness made me feel like a dark soul. Fabulous memories of exploring Italy together…except your bursting into tears at the Vatican. Darkness isn’t all bad.

Posted by: jt | August 4, 2008

38. Dean

Part Sunday School teacher, part surrogate dad – without me even projecting it on to you. You washing my feet is one of the shyest moments of my life.

Posted by: jt | August 2, 2008

37. Ginny

You hugged me when I was super sick and no one would come near me. (I think I just shut down with depression.) I needed that compassion. Thanks.

Posted by: jt | August 1, 2008

36. Yuri

You knew your times tables in second grade. We competed for teacher’s pet. I loved you for being smart and was intimidated because you knew something I didn’t.

Posted by: jt | July 31, 2008

35. Mrs. B.

The only thing I remember from your math class is my infamous “crusty syringe” story. It must have had something to do with cubic volume or related nonsense.

Posted by: jt | July 30, 2008

34. Monte

I rocked you to sleep singing Polyester Bride. You were the sweetest, fattest baby and sent me to the emergency room with a pulled muscle in my back.

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